we are an international trading company that sells various agricultural commodities in Indonesia

Semirah Agro Indonesia.

Our Product

we offer some of the best quality agricultural commodity products in Indonesia, because we are committed to maintaining quality.



Bethel Nut


The products we offer are free from chemicals

Fresh & Healthy

The products we offer are also safe and healthy

100% Original

The products we offer are also 100% Original

About us

The Best Supplier In Indonesia

Semirah Agro Indonesia is an international trading company, exporter and manufacture agricultural commodity products based in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.
We work with various groups of farmers and SMEs from various regions in North Sumatra.
this company was born because the founder saw
many products or commodities around that have potential to be developed.
Our intention is only to contribute and do good
impact on the surrounding environment
help the economy of the farmers around us.

Our Key features

we really pay attention to our service, in our opinion this is very important and we must give it the maximum.


Quality is displayed in many ways, starting from good product quality, service quality that pleases customers and good financial report results according to investor expectations.


integrity is our main capital, honesty and transparency are the basis of integrity, we highly uphold integrity in our company.


Commitment is
important where we
have to keep giving the
best for customers and
investors all the time.
Our chance to serve
should be seen as a
privilege that cannot
be simply ignored.


Innovation means
creating, designing,
developing products
and services that have
high attractiveness in
the market and
strengthen customer
preferences for
semirah agro indonesia

Our Partners

Our Album

Event CPNE 2023

became a guest speaker at the umkm go export training event

Product export release event which was attended by the Mayor of Medan

Collaboration IJB X IEC X Semirah Agro

visiting buyer from francis

Closing export Bethel nut From Indonesia to Bangladesh

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