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The Presence of Semirah Agro Indonesia.

Semirah Agro Indonesia is an international trading company, exporter and manufacturer of agricultural commodity products based in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

We work with various groups of farmers and SMEs from various regions in North Sumatra.

this company was born because the founder saw many products or commodities around it that have the potential to be developed.
Our intention is only to contribute and do good and impact on the environment around us as well help the economy of the farmers around us.

Semirah Agro Indonesia also started from a small business. Initially we collected natural products and then sold and supplied them to traditional markets, and over time we also began to supply our products to several factories in Indonesia. and also until now we have penetrated the export market because we see a big opportunity in front of our eyes where this export market is very broad and has great potential to increase our sales.

Our important capital in building this business is integrity, we believe that it is the integrity of the company that can make the company stand firm.

Our Vission

To be a leading supplier company in Indonesia, and to have a positive impact on the surrounding environment.

Our Mission

1. Maintain product quality.
2. Innovate in agriculture with the latest technology.
3. Providing sustainable benefits for all employees,
management, shareholders, SMEs, farmers and all
related to the company

Quote From The Founder

” trust is our biggest capital in building a company, then integrity is the main thing for us. our intention is only to contribute to the world and make a good impact on the surrounding environment.”

Emir Maulana Gibran

Founding Of Semirah Agro Indonesia

Our Album

Event CPNE 2023

became a guest speaker at the umkm go export training event

Product export release event which was attended by the Mayor of Medan

Collaboration IJB X IEC X Semirah Agro

visiting buyer from francis

Closing export Bethel nut From Indonesia to Bangladesh

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